Top tips to avoid range anxiety  



Driving an electric vehicle (EV) comes with a whole host of benefits for both individuals and businesses, including lower running and maintenance costs, an enhanced driving experience, reduced emissions and greater sustainability.  

Despite the obvious advantages to EVs it is thought that many motorists are hesitant to make the switch due to so-called ‘range anxiety’. 

Range anxiety refers to the fear of running out of charge before reaching your destination.  

Below we outline our top tips to avoiding range anxiety and getting the most out of your EV journey.  

1. Charge your EV at home 

Investing in a home charger allows you to charge your vehicle at a time that is convenient to you, with the additional benefit of lower night-time charging fees – meaning you can start every journey with a full battery. 

2. Plan longer routes 

Range anxiety primarily occurs on long routes. Drivers can make long journeys less stressful by determining the exact distance before setting off, allowing you to accurately predict how much charge you will need. 

3. Download a charging station app 

The EV charging network is expanding, and there may be more stations available than you think. Weev’s dedicated app includes a map of all available stations right across Northern Ireland, meaning you can find your closest charging point both before and during your journey. 

4. Moderate your speed 

The speed that you drive has a big effect on EV power consumption. By making an effort to reduce your driving speed you can significantly increase your vehicle’s range. Moderating speed also comes with several safety benefits.  

Technological advancement within the EV market and the expansion of the EV charging network will go a long way towards eventually eliminating range anxiety for drivers.  

At Weev we plan to install 1,500 new charging points at over 350 locations across Northern Ireland, making EV charging more accessible than ever before.